bottled genies and dreams

These are my "I'm a genie in a bottle" pants

Pants: Chicago boutique, Top: Forever 21, Shoes: Forever Young, Undershirt: Downeast, Earrings: Thrifted
*sorry for the few pictures, i was a little cranky and on my way to take a two hour test in testing center; not a good combo. 

Nick and I are on different sleep schedules. I am the consummate night owl and Nick is the most chipper of morning birds. (Perhaps it just seems chipper to me to be able to form complete sentences before the sun is up.)

This could have been a problem, but since I would rather be awake when Nick is and he likes to snuggle with me we've made it work. Sometimes I will go to bed earlier than I would have of my own volition or he will stay up a little later. (Usually the former though because night-time Nick is something akin to a zombie, and not the fast I am Legend type of zombies; imagine more drool, less flesh eating.) 

Anywho, what gets me into bed, is body heat (now I am drooling--the man is a furnace) and pillow talk. Granted on some nights our pillow talks consists of grunting communication. (We can say I love you in at least 5 different languages.) But in general it is a nice, soothing way to end the day. What helps me get out of bed, come the crack of dawn is definitely not an alarm clock. It is dream sharing. (You would not believe the amount of dreams that boy has had about econ.) It is soooo nice to lay in bed for an extra few minutes telling each other whatever bizarre adventure we had during the night. The only thing that tops that is a nice, hot shower, preferably together to start another day of our life together. 

So, what gets you up or to bed, depending on your problem? I apparently have both. 

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