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School started for Nick and I over two weeks ago, and boy has it flown. There is a big difference between working full-time and going to school full-time and working part-time. (Hint: the latter is harder, at least for me.) One of the big reasons that time has slipped away from us so much is that we are always go, go, going.  However, I  am loving my classes this semester. Even biology. 

Don't look at me that way. I know that I don't usually love classes outside of my major (read: math or science classes; or their type, masquerading as simple philosophy and computer classes.) But all of my teachers are so engaging. I am taking editing, photography, Shakespeare, biology and auditing sewing. And lest you scoff, with a thought that I have an "easy" schedule, let me tell you that they are deceptively rigorous.

I am on top the world over my new camera. I spent about ten minutes wearing it around my neck and seeing how photogenic (ha!) I look with it on in the mirror when we first got it. 
No joke.
But since then I have been learning that I know nothing about "real" cameras. Apertures, shutter speeds and ISO here I come! The same goes for sewing. Thank heavens that I am taking this class because otherwise I would spend the rest of my life walking around with slanted seams that were coming unraveled and a sticker on my chest that read, "I dressed myself." Because we all know that I wouldn't let a little thing like technically not knowing how to sew stop me. ;)

Nick is partying it up in econ, accounting and SAS classes. What can I say? Opposites attract. And he has started working with his group for his internship with Ensign Peak Advisors. Did y'all know that his new career trajectory is towards consulting?

The only downer about school this year is that I finally realized that if I am going to have cool school supplies (you know what I mean, Lisa Frank folders and a leather messenger satchel in lieu of a boring backpack) I have to buy them myself. :( I miss you mom.

Anywho, I ought to go tackle the mountain of assignments I have. 

Notice the use of ought.

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