The return of Nick

He's back!

Nick was away since Wednesday last week to present at a poli sci conference in Seattle. Yay for him! Sad for me.

I felt like the kid that got left home when the family went to Disneyland.  Although, it wasn't Seattle that I missed seeing as much as Nick. You may laugh, but this was the first time we've been apart since we got married. And I missed him.

But think that I managed very well; I even listened to the Book of Love and watched Return to Me without crying. Thanks friends for letting me call you and spending exorbitant amounts of time with me so I could "keep busy."

Downside of the week, getting locked out of the house and knowing that the other set of keys was thousands of miles away in Nick's pocket.

All in all though, it was a good first week of classes. I got into the photography class that I wanted so hopefully no more blurry pictures. :)

And while Nick was in Seattle, impressing the smartest of the smart with his presentation he also found time to roll some logs and get himself hypnotized at the fair.

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