We moved!

That is number 1. of the recent news in the Jones family's life. Thanks friends and fam for all the muscle power last weekend.

Our move is also one of the many reasons I have been a bum about posting lately (: But we are back and ready to regale you with news from our life. Or at least, hopefully, not put you to sleep.

Party and Chair
2. Nick had a mostly surprise birthday party (thrown for him by yours truly) with lots of wonderful help from our friends 3 Saturdays ago.

3. We bought that chair that you see pictured from KSL and I am still in love with it 3 weeks later. I am also still flirting with the idea of reupholstering another chair for our little place. (Please someone either talk me out of this madness or make me take the plunge! I am tired of being on the fence but I would like some sweet fabric to cover it like this 4. because these 5. would not find a home in our house as they are.)

6. Cameron went to China recently and broke his world record! Oh yeah, you didn't know that we knew someone that famous? I married into a family of champions. Congrats, Cam!

7. Nick is going to be finding out about his internship soon.

8. My little brother is coming into town tomorrow and we are going to party it up here in Provo. Woot woot.

As I am writing this I am realizing how much has gone on in our lives lately and all the stuff yet to come. (Including school which I am feeling very *ambivalent about right now.)

*definition of AMBIVALENCE 
1.simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action
2.  a : continual fluctuation (as between one thing and its opposite)
     b : uncertainty as to which approach to follow 

Basically, I am excited about my classes but not homework, we still  have to finish unpacking, I have really enjoyed a summer without school, but I have some fall clothes I am looking forward to wearing. 

These pictures are from my Pinterest. I want fabric like the chairs in the first and the second and third are my recycling options.


  1. hi, this is a great post and all. but i really love your new bloggins layout. also i miss you. xoxoxoxo.

  2. Thanks D-dawg. I have missed you too. I miss pretending that we are going to wake up and run together, i miss hoping the shave ice place will actually be open for once, but most of all i miss sewing with you . (And i mean pretending to sew, because we both know that it is just an excuse to hang out.) Come back soon!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.