Two trips and three fabric stores later...

Nick is my biggest champion. I can't make something, be it with food or fabric, without him telling anyone and everyone about it. You would think that with all that non-stop and probably unwarranted praise I would be less of a braggart. But.... I'm not, so you guys get to hear about it.

I have finally entered the sewing world! I made my first two pillows (with tons of help from my friend, Devaun) on Saturday and finished two more on Monday. Wahoo! It was so fun. We didn't have the patience necessary to look up a tutorial or anything so we just sort of wung it. (Winged? Wang? What is the past tense for wing?) And it turned out surprisingly well. I hand-sewed the buttons on the backside with elastic dohickys yesterday while watching the Kennedy's (awesome mini-series if you need something interesting life-sucking, but hopefully accurate and educational show to watch on Netflix.) I have one last pillow that I am going to make. It will be a little different from the others, zippered vs. envelope closure, but so cute. I am modeling it after one that I saw on etsy. I'll post a tutorial on how to make the bow pillow soon.

I have recently learned two things: 1. Decorating and interior design are fun. 2. And I can sew!

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