Help us get to France

Paris, the city of love.

That is where Nick and I are hoping to be in just a little over two months.

And a fellow blogger is hosting a giveaway for a free trip for two!

Checkout her blog for more details http://ohhappyday.com/2011/06/goes-to-paris and if any of you reading this have any liquid luck stored up please lend me a few drops for this week before she picks the winner. :)

I actually started reading her blog because a foaf (friend-of-a-friend) knew that Nick had an internship in Paris coming up and that I like to blog and that Jordan Ferney and her family had just moved to Paris for a year as a kind of adventure. I kept reading because she is so creative and fun to follow. I have so many fun ideas from her blog that I am excited to try out. I first saw the giant paper flowers that I thought were cool for a wedding a few months ago on her blog and there are these confetti eggs that make me excited for Easter just thinking about them.

Anyway, if you have a week that you can get away this year to hop over to Paris, you should definitely enter her contest, but make it soon, it closes tonight. Or, if you are feeling altruistic give us a better chance of winning by entering on our behalf. ;)

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