Sometimes when I don't know what to blog about I will talk about all the cool things that I want to do, or the moderately interesting things that are happening in my life. Usually I just write until things start flowing or I at least fill up a paragraph or so. Instead, today, I want to use this chance to write something creatively.

My name is Kessa, after the falcon. I have one brown eye and one grey eye. My grey eye is murky, and a thin film covers my cornea, but I can see and that's what's important. I see more than most. More than I used to.

It's easier to see when you are invisible. I have long dark hair and a clear caramel complexion; my figure is normal, on the nice side. But most people's eyes just slide past me without stopping to look. Some are freaked out by the difference between my eyes and others by what I see in them. That's why my mom hasn't looked at me in three and a half years. Oh she tells me to fix my hair or that I have food on my chin. She asks why I don't wear more makeup or any at all. But she never lets her eyes rest on mine and I don't know if it's because she doesn't like what she sees or is afraid of what I see.

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