"the sky was the color of breakfast"

I live in a place of two worlds.

There is the material world that we all live in and see and feel, and then there is another place. It's less tangible to me at this point but it is just as real. I feel it in the air on the uppermost layer of my skin. It pushes on my consciousness at odd times, when my thoughts are firmly here and now but are beguiled away by another force. It is a world of images and colors, hopes, dreams, stories and genius. Trying to describe it feels like the taste of a word that your tongue tries to form but can quite reach or remember.

Every day I build it, break it, change it. Some people can't see this world. They're not bad people but I ache for them. For what they unwittingly miss out on. For how blind they are to the ephemeral reality around them.

I will create a place for them. And give them what their eyes cannot see.

Picking up a paint brush, something magical happens. Not on the canvas. The change occurs inside of me as I hold one implement of creation. Right now it is just a sketched a scene in water across the canvas but I saw so much more.


  1. Beautiful post. This is a lot like how I feel about photography. For me, clicking the shutter is only the first step in capturing what I saw - much like your sketched scene before it's fully painted.

  2. What a beautiful blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog. This post is very lovely as well.

  3. So beautifully written, I just love this post. Sometimes I feel a bit frustrated, because I still can't transfer my inner world/stories/images to tangible objects. How do you capture them in words or pictures or music so that others can see and truly understand? Sometimes I wish I could just invite others into my brain... (this might sound a bit strange, I'm aware of that...)

  4. Your words are beautiful. I can only imagine what you could do with visuals then!


  5. i feel like i have a need to be creative in SOME WAY most days, or else i do not feel fulfilled. it makes such a difference!


  6. I agree with Rachael, I always need to do something creative each day. It keeps me sane! Love your description of painting :)

  7. You are a beautiful writer! I always feel the most 'at peace' when I'm doing something creative, like a craft project or something.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. I love the notion of an intangible and yet still real world. It is the kind of place dreams are made in...

  9. Beautiful thoughts. And so true.

  10. You are a very gifted writer, wow! And gorgeous paintings too!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.