Awesomely Awkward

How great is Nick getting at taking pictures? I give him a great big woot woot!
On the other hand, what is up with that rack shot? And I need some modeling lessons, because I have no idea what I am doing with my arms in that second picture above. Or face for that matter.
Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Steve Madden, Top: Shade, Sweater: Coldwater, Belt: BYU Bookstore, Necklace: MOA

Today I am taking a page out of one of my favorite blogs, the Daybook. I have some things, both awkwardly awesome and and awesomely awkward captured for you through picture and words

  • kissing Nick goodbye outside of my work,and nothing crazy mind you, just a little peck but since some guy is standing nearby watching it turns into something weird
  • not shaving your legs but wearing a skirt anyway and then needing to be measured in sewing class. for pants length. dear sewing TA, I am sorry. you too, hubby.
  • Nick wearing shorts to school and then me bringing him a coat due to rain. I do not approve of the coat and shorts look. 
  • arriving late to class and the teacher not only taking notice but pointing it out to the rest of the class and making sure you know that the first part was SUPER important and VITAL. Boo! FYI: I was at the doctor's!
  • Nick walking me to work and my classes and vice versa so that we can spend a few more moments talking and just being together
  • fall happening practically overnight
  • our heater!
  • Nick doing dishes while I chill on the couch and simultaneously serenading me and giving me a good view of his cute tush. 
  • Not showering! Maybe this awkward, but sometimes I feel like a kid who hates bath time. Or is that a puppy?
  • When awesome things outweigh awkward ones.

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  1. Such a cute outfit. Love your A&A!! Following from The Daybook :)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.