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Ah, so much to blog about, so little time.

I have started to realize when I get excited as I read other people's blogs that it's time for me to post again.

I know I haven't been super consistent but I feel like it's okay because this is my first year. My mom says pretty frequently, be gentle with yourself, and so I am not going to feel bad about it or list my excuses, legitimate and less so. It is alsomy mom's saying that allows me to eat sorbet for dinner and sleep late and buy myself a book or shoes every now and then. We all could be a little more gentle with ourselves. And probably others. Unless we are slackers, then we need to get on the stick. (Imagine me looking penetratingly into your soul-window.) Now evaluate which of these phrases apply to you and do it.

Anyway enough of lecturing and soliloquizing and on to the post.

Nick and I (drum roll please) finally have a bed! A real one, without a crack down the middle and everything. If our cracked bed means nothing to you please go here before you proceed so that you can properly share in our joy over this occasion.

We brought it home after our reception part 2 in Seattle last last weekend (that means two weeks ago for all you native English speakers.) The reception, by the way, was wonderful!

While we were in Seattle for my second time ever, Nick took me to the city with the intention of taking me to a thrift store and a ferry ride, first one I love and the second I've never done. While his intentions were good they ended up being unfounded but at least we didn't end up in hell. (That was an attempt to be witty and not at all intended to be offensive or confusing but what the heck do I know about that?) Anyway we wound up just trolling the shops for most of the afternoon; I had a blast and Nick was the best good sport you could imagine. We were way out of our price range, which was wonderful and stress-less since we didn't have to look for anything in particular or not play with certain things because we probably wouldn't purchase them. It was window shopping to the max and I loved every minute of it. More to come later about the actual reception and some of the cool shops we visited, but for now on to some pictures.

hint: it doesn't look like this. 

but it could look like this. with this bedding.

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