Day off and late breakfast

I love that today is a Monday, but rather than leaving work to sit in my classes, which I actually like, I get to sit on the couch at Nick's house, in my pajamas. Yay for three-day weekends and lazy mornings!

Last Thursday I met Nicole Lawson of New Grains Gluten Free Bakery. I for one am pretty psyched to have a real gluten free bakery in Provo. I am sure that many people have seen the nice sections that Smiths and Macey's and some other grocery stores have for gluten free/specialty foods, however knowing that there is a bakery with a full range of products so close is very exciting. Also exciting is that Nicole has asked me try out her multigrain bread this week and let you all know how it measures up.

So this morning, after sleeping for more hours than I have in weeks, Nick and I had a breakfast of french toast, bacon and eggs. I, of course, was eating gluten free and casein free and if any of you has ever tried to make french toast with gluten free bread you know how hard it is. (Both the bread and trying to make it into french toast.)

This bread soaked up the eggs really easily and then turned out to be the best gluten free bread that I have ever had, and you can believe that I have tried a lot. It is just so moist!

Anyway, long story short, french toast was a success. I loved the texture, which was just like gluten-full bread but with even more light, flufiness to it than most multigrain breads. Nick was really surprised at how "normal" it tasted. I snuck a piece into his stack of "real" french toast and he didn't realize until I pointed it out to him. The reason I decided to have him try it without knowing it was gluten-free was that I wanted the honest opinion of someone who doesn't live or eat g-free consistenly. It tasted really good to me, but I wanted to make sure that my taste buds haven't been altered by so long without gluten that I'll just take anything that is close to what I used to eat. So our finidings in this experiment were: New Grains Gluten Free Multigrain Bread = great for french toast.

Nick likes applesauce on his french toast and I like real maple syrup (I never really grew up using the imitation stuff.) What do you use on your waffles, pancakes or french toast?

I've always heard that the photographs and movies with food in them aren't made with real food, (like milk is glue or something), because otherwise the food doesn't look appetizing. This picture was taken on Nick's phone, so that doesn't make for the best picture anyway. But just so ya know this was really tasty.

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