masked crusaders: saving the world one bamboo shoot at a time

Halloween was a'ight, but our costumes were the bomb.

I'd like to thank the makers of felt, Pinterest and too much free time homework but no desire to work on it for stopping what would have been the unnecessary creation of felt flowers and turning my time and felt into a serendipitous union. (I googled "make felt" to see what other things people do with felt and felt flowers was the first search to pop up.)

Also, these masks were super easy and fun to make; although, for visual impairment reasons, I only wore mine for this picture and to come up behind people and say hello with a straight face. Now, I really want to make more masks, perhaps for next halloween, a masquerade ball, or any criminal activity that we might stumble upon and need to put a stop to. Paper mache, watch out, I'm feeling some inspiration flowing my way.

As for our Halloween-y activities, we watched a bit of Hocus Pocus (best Halloween movie ever, just so ya know), took photos on center street for a photo assignment (which allowed us to see lots of interesting costumes, including a too realistic Joker a la Heath Ledger variety), and bought the newest Orson Scott Card book (so good!).

Even though nights at home are awesome, we've decided that we are going to step up our celebration of holidays and random events. Luckily, Guy Fawkes Day is coming up. We're working on a life-sized effigy for the burning. (If anyone is down for a bonfire Monday night, it's on. Otherwise I'm just kidding.)


  1. Oh my goodness I love your blog! It's so beautiful! And thank you for such a sweet comment.

    I love your mask. I watched Hocus Pocus too! haha Every year!

    And you celebrate Guy Fawkes? I never did when I lived in the US, but here in the UK it's a huge deal. Are you in the UK?

  2. How fun that you could make those masks yourself! They turned out great!!
    Now, I think a masquerade ball would also be the bomb. You should really put some thought into that!

  3. SO cute!! I love your whole outfit. :)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.