self-expression through clothes

Sweater: Ebay (JCrew), Skirt: Thrifted, Boots: Gift (TJ Maxx), Trench: Thrifted

There have been multiple posts on other blogs and comments and my own thoughts that have made me consider why I do "fashion" posts or at least fashion pictures to go along with whatever I want post that day. Maybe you don't care. Or maybe the only reason you come to my blog is to see what I'm wearing. Or maybe you think I should get over myself and stop being so self-involved and materialistic. Please, read on.

I like clothes. I think they're great. And I'm glad that I don't have to go around starkers, especially with the changing seasons and increasing cold.  But the reason that I choose certain outfits and dress up and take pictures of myself, or at least have Nick take pictures of me is the same reason that I paint and write and cook--to create.

Clothes are a form of self-expression and getting dressed can be a creative process. Some days my clothes express that I'm busy, tired and haven't showered, other days they express more of my personality, interests and even sense of humor. I don't buy clothes just to take pictures for my blog, but there are times that I feel like the colors, patterns and textures are so delicious that I want to share them with someone else. Someone who might think, "Dang girl, I like your style." Other times I share my failures because those are real too; who hasn't gotten dressed, after spending too much time trying on alternatives and then left the house only to realize that whatever they're wearing isn't really working? I don't think I'm the only one. And that's the one of the life parts of lifestyle blogging that I want to share and be true to.

You may have noticed that I rotate through my wardrobe, which is largely thrifted because that's how I learned to shop growing up and because I think that it would take intense brainwashing to allow me to overcome the guilt I'd feel at buying all my clothes retail. :) Like I said, I don't buy clothes for my blog and sometimes when I see a new outfit everyday on someone else's blog I wonder how big their closet has to be to accommodate all those clothes. (My side of the closet already encroaches on Nick's side.)

I know that lots of people have their own opinions on "fashion blogging" and I hardly ever talk about where I shop or fabrics, brands or trends (cause that's not super important or interesting to me), but I do like to share my outfit creations.

What do you think about outfit posts in general? Do you love 'em, hate 'em, couldn't care less about them? Do you think I should stick to photographing other parts of my life instead?


  1. I personally like your fashion posts, Alison. I'd like to believe that you reveal a lot about yourself through what you wear. And I totally agree when you said that it is through clothes that we express our personalities and share how we feel. :)

  2. I love an outfit post every now and then, I believe it shows a little of your personality and the person behind the blog. I wish I could do more outfit posts, but I'm not very good at self portraits.

  3. I love that top and skirt together! You pull off those colors perfectly :)

  4. I love your outfit posts! I am the same way, fashion helps me express who I am and I LOVE finding the perfect outfit, it's like a game to me. Though they may not be "perfect" in other people's eyes. To me it is fun and the best creative outlet for myself. Your adorable, keep it up! :)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.