he calls me Smidgen

If you've read this blog for a little while you might know that I'm the adventurous, free spirit and Nick is the steady one. That's not completely true, but that's how some people (including himself at times) see us. He's an econ major who loved his accounting and family finance classes and I'm the dancer, writer, dreamer extraordinaire. In reality we take turns making our life together interesting. Sometimes all I want to do is stay in, internet surf, photo edit and watch some mindless entertainment but he'll insist that we go on a walk or get smoothies or something because he knows how I get after being inside too long--antsy, restless and a bit poke-y (with him on the poked end of the stick). Other times I drag him on my madcap idea of a good time, mostly checking out thrift stores, Anthropologie stores, and used bookstores, but making it all into a fun walking excursion while I whirlwind around him and talk a mile a minute. Even grocery shopping is an adventure with him since we sometimes pretend that we're spies being pursued. Sorry, produce guy.

However my one complaint is that there are a lot of one-sided pillow fights in our home. Nick never seems to realize how funny it is to wallop him with a pillow instead of going to sleep at night. And rather than fight back he lets me get my sillies out and waits til I calm down enough to sleep, treating me like the three-year old child I am deep inside.

Today* we don't have class or work but instead of adventuring we get to clean and do homework. Ah for the days of summer.

*This was written a week ago on Labor day, but lately, I never seem to be as on time with anything as I'd like to be. And so this blog has been post poor, although I am constantly writing and planning in my head. It is my escape from php and non-genre literature.

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  1. I'm staying true to my word: I love the way you write, Allison. I get so insecure after reading others' well-written entries but I guess reading and understanding other people's styles is also a step I should take to improve. I can only hope I get to your level someday. Cheers!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.