how to create a window display for a bookstore

I love bookstores. The big chain ones like Barnes & Noble and the small, local ones that seem to be everywhere in Cambridge.

I came across Lorem Ipsum, a new and used bookstore, many weeks ago and instantly liked it because of the clever sign it displayed on an old-fashioned TV that said, " Read Instead." The inside is filled with books for pretty much anyone and everything. I've worked at both a library and a bookstore and love the feeling of being surrounded by shelves of books. It's a feeling of safety and anticipation. (I am such a nerd.)

If I was ever to open a shop it would almost certainly be a bookstore, although I probably wouldn't make a profit since I would be too busy reading the books myself to want to sell them to other people. :) Another sign in the window said, "New work coming soon." So I thought I would share how I would design the window display and decorate the inside of their (or my) store.

I guess the store used to be Cambridge Refrigerator Specialists since that's the larger sign on the outside and they have an old refrigerator filled with books inside the store. So the window display would be a vintage kitchen with book accents, like the plants and broom.

Woman, Umbrella, Plants, Broom


  1. I love bookstores too! I have found the best ones in NYC where everyone just seems to bring in coffees and sit on the floor looking through books.
    I have found so much inspiration there, hiding from thunderstorms. also like both types, the big ones and the small pretty independent ones.

  2. i've always harbored the dream of owning a bookstore, sitting in a corner surrounded by piles blogging while people shopped, haha....i did walk in to my dream job/bookstore in vienna. i'll have to post pictures of it - i was too shy to take really good ones though :(

    1. Sometimes I feel so awkward snapping away.

  3. i love them also! I love going and hanging out thee when i have nothing to do.


  4. I can spend hours and hours just browsing around a bookstore OR better yet, a library. Its a very calm place to be!

  5. Oh I could spend all day in a bookstore, and I have before!! I dream of having a huge collection of books in my home.

  6. You have such amazing tastes - if you opened up a bookstore, I would visit it immediately. :)
    I really like the name of the bookstore you mentioned here: Lorem Ipsum. Almost like an inside joke to all the bloggers / website makers of the world who had to deal with getting rid of those two words appearing everywhere on a fresh template.
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  7. bookstores are my absolute favorite- especially the independent ones!

  8. Aww I love bookstores so much. So much, actually, that when Mark proposed (and led me on a hunt across the country) I finally found him at Powell's... one of my favorite places in the whole world. :)


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