cookies and surprises

As you may know, while Nick is at work I am not. Not in the traditional sense at least. And at first this was a bit crazy-making for me, who likes structure, staying busy and being involved in things. But I've really been trying to view it as an opportunity to do some things that during the normal course of school, work and life I never feel like I have enough time for. Like photography, writing, blogging, designing and exercising. The day that these pictures were taken was one of the days that I felt really good about how my life is despite the lack of a job. I went for a long, exploring walk in Cambridge and found a bunch of hip little boutiques. On the way I was asked on a coffee date by some guy and told I was beautiful by a random cyclist. It was a good day. (I, of course told the first guy that I was married, and may have joked with Nick about needing a larger rock on my ring.)

Even though I am enjoying my day to day life doing what I love, I miss Nick. We usually work, study and do everything but go to class together. So when he comes home he gets my full attention and excitement, sometimes in the form of meeting him at the train station with cookies. He's a silly guy though and although he's a giant he sometimes tries to hide behind too small objects when he sees me coming.

(I kept the last picture even though he is looking down because I love the colors in it.)


  1. Ohmygosh! Your blog is adorable! How do you like Cambridge? We plan to visit that area soon!!

    1. Cambridge is actually amazing. We've ventured into Boston a bit and that's been fun too, but there's so much to do around here that we haven't felt the need to extend further for entertainment. Great food and shops around here.

  2. adorable! it's delightful that you're finding joy during such a transition period! best of luck!

    (btdubs, loveeee your skirt!)

    autumn bird


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.