Mischief Managed

Hi Steph!
Stephanie and Zach, my sister-in-law and her husband, are so fun to hangout with!
They were being the entertainment last night while Nick took pictures.
Blouse: Thrifted, Skirt: Downeast, Shoes: TJMaxx, Earrings: the Field Museum

I am an open-mouthed, head thrown back, full body, type of laugher.

Nick spent the better part of Saturday studying and working so it's really no surprise that after he clocked out for the night he turned to me and announced:

"I feel mischevious."

Alison: "Oh yeah?"

Nick: "Yes. I'm feeling mischevious."

Brief interruption--in our family we have something called the tut-tut dance, which is basically right foot toe tap in, out, in; left foot toe tap out, in out. There are some related arm movements but that's not the important part. We use this dance whenever we have an excess of energy or don't know how to really dance to some music we may hear. This is related.--Resume conversation.

Nick then did a short little, mildly disgruntled tut-tut dance and announced belligerently:

"I'm feeling mischevious."

After 5 minutes of suggesting things we could do we finally settled on lying in bed together reading. (Occasionally I would reach over and touch his back, but the only response I got was "I feel mischievous.")

I feel asleep first, which rarely happens and the next morning all the mischief had left Nick.

But today I feel mischievous. What to do, what to do?

What do you do when you are feeling mischievous?

Last night's party included, fajitas (not pictured cause we were scrambling to clean house so we could pretend we are organized), speed scrabble (sometimes called Bananagrams), cupcakes, and panda shoes.


  1. Oh I just love those panda shoes! they are so pretty ^-^
    Have a look at my adorable giveaway:

  2. Michael and I often feel mischievousness and we also stay up very late. The combination sometimes leads to things like hide and seek at walmart, playing basketball with beach balls at smiths. Coloring in coloring books and stapling the pages up around the city. We've also made our own stencils and graffitti'd them on buildings. Maybe you are in the mood for mischief but not something illegal. Start a gum wall. Make yourself sick by chewing so much gum for that gum wall, then have your roommates complain about it being disgusting. Some people have also been known to start hubcap collections. There's also guerrilla gardening, where you lovingly plant a sapling, bulbs, or seeds somewhere that is not your property and sneak out in the cover of darkness to care for it. Oh! Use Nick's superhuman height to staple $1 bills to wooden poles. People will want it, but how will they get it? Make cupcakes and give them away for free. Oh! Build a blanket fort. That's all I can think of. Have fun!

  3. those panda shoes are so cute and a night of fajitas and cupcakes sounds amazing. Hmm...what do I do when I feel mischievous? I guess I hardly am.

    xo erica

  4. wow, those shoes look stunning! and are perfect with your whole outfit :)
    about that question.. well, usually I tease and harass my boyfriend or my dog, hehe :D

  5. Such lovely pictures! :)
    Panda shoes make my heart melt.
    Have a great day!
    Ellie xx

  6. My husband and I sometimes have late night dance parties to music from college! We bust out our old moves. I hear ya about sitting in bed and reading though ;) That's my style too.

  7. Love your colored tights!


  8. I think your tut tut dance is adorable! Good friends, family, fajitas & cupcakes sounds like a fun mix!(smile)
    I'm not that mischievous, however my hubby and I use to knock on our neighbors door and run!
    Childish I know - but funny!
    Great Pictures and this is an Awesome Blog! :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    your new follower
    Jackie :)

  9. I have been on such a Scrabble kick lately. I play like at least twice a week. I love that last picture of you. Those outtake photos are the best because you get to see that person's spirit really shining through :)


  10. There is something about you and your skirts! <3


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.