Dear Everyone,

Good-bye outer space
We retitled our blog. At this very moment you may be asking, "Why?" You might also be asking, "What was the old title?" Or, if you stumbled onto this blog accidentally, you maybe asking, "What does this have to do with headboards and wedding hairstyles?" (Read on anyway.)

The old title was "I've never really been to outer space..." Which is both a mouthful (brainful?) and a little too obscure. It originally came to my mind because of a beautiful painting my friend Lene made a couple years ago that she let me title "I've never really been to outer space. This is actually just made up." While lovely, Nick said that some people might be confused. So we changed it to one of our favorite songs by Peter Gabriel, which we danced our first dance to at our wedding. Plus we love books, and love and each other, so this title is more appropriate. Not that we hate outer space or anything.


Ali and Nick

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