I have some confessions.

1. This is my first year blogging and it is only within the past year that I have even delved into the blogging world as a reader or writer.
2. I love blogs. Reading them, writing them, dreaming about them ... you get the picture.

Anyway, I decided that I would share some of my favorite blogs with you. Many of them are on my sidebar, but I'll tell you why they have earned that spot.

Today is Photography blogs:

First up is Alix Loosle of Alixann Loosle Photography. I first saw her on Utahbrideblog but continued to blog-stalk her because of the amazing pieces of art she creates. I love seeing how others capture the beauty they see. As for Alix she doesn't just portray cute couples, although she does seem to get a pretty photogenic lot, she also creates a beautiful scene. The three pictures below are just a few of her unique stagings.

Jumping on the bed and pillow fight in a field
Jar of butterflies and maternity shoot
Paper boats in a ditch

Beautiful pictures don't come just because of pretty people or even fantastic lighting. If that was true, why would we obsess over what to wear for family pictures or an engagement shoot. Alix sets scenes that are so creative and yet still natural you'd almost believe she just stumbled onto the people and decided to take some pictures except the quality is much better than my idea of picture taking (ie point and shoot.)

What are some blogs that you follow? Why?

I am actually still on the hunt for a good food blog. As you may know I am gluten intolerant, but I also love to cook. The food blog doesn't have to be gluten-free but I do like healthier type foods and it must have pictures. I refuse to buy cookbooks without pictures and give them very little consideration if they are in black and white. I want to see what my food should look like to give me something to aspire to and drool over while I wait? Do you know of any food blogs that meet my rigid criterion?

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