Best Morning Ever

This is actually a sunset, not rise, but isn't it pretty? This was the afternoon that Nick proposed to me. (*Sigh)

So, this was such a great morning. And it is just the start of a great day. Nick came over and we started his laundry and then layed in the common room. We talked about our future home, but that conversation somehow turned into a discussion on evolution that was really fun. (Yay, nerd love! :) And we had cinnamon raisin toast with goat cheese sprinkled with a little turbinado sugar. (By the way this is seriously one of the best snacks ever.)

The bread was of course g-free from, New Grains bakery, here in Provo. Nick and I went over earlier this week and got to meet Nicole, the baker extraordinaire, and her husband who have been living g-free for a number of years. It was cool to talkk to them and get some advice from them on keeping my gluten intolerance from becoming full-blown Celiac Disease. They suggested Nick go gluten free as the best way to support me, and he honestly said that he wouldn't mind as long as we had access to products like theirs. He wasn't exaggerating either. Besides the four pieces of toast we had for our fabulously chiil morning, I consumed about 8 pieces of toast by myself on Wednesday night. :) If you know anyone who is g-free (or you are like Nick and just like food of any kind) you should check them out. They are supposed to be in Maceys now too, which I will confirm today when I go shopping for French House dinner this afternoon.

This is the sandwich that I made that one time but never showed you. I am probably the best sandwich maker that I know. It's not so wonderful to brag about but it comes in handy, especially on days I don't want to cook. I love avocados and bacon on all of my sandwiches.

The morning is almost over, and Nick is already gone getting a haircut. But I'm still in my pajamas. I love Saturdays.

On the agenda for today: house hunting (we've already seen two we like yesterday and are hoping to make the decision by tonight) , Men's Wearhouse (Nick gets a new suit *and, oh yeah, we are taking more pictures with Heather in two weeks for our bridals/groomals), Macy's to register for pretty things, Maceys to shop for French House dinner, more registering, and the day just continues on and on but in a good way. Sometime in there I hope we get to see my brother, Christian and his girlfriend, Anna (pronounced Onna like Amelia) who will be in Provo for the day.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.